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Luck by Chance Review

Luck by Chance is truly a wonderful work of art anyway you slice it. It is quite stunning artistically and with it's acting performances.

Luck by Chance is trully a wonderful work of art anyway you slice it. It is quite stunning artistically and with its acting performances.

My rating for this movie: 4.5 Stars
Success and failure are choices we make. If you are successful, then this makes sense, but if you’re not, well… After all, no one actually believes that they are a failure because they chose to be. It is a very difficult idea to grasp. However, this is an idea that I tend to agree with.

Although luck does play a part in our success, it is what you make with it that really determines if your successful or not. Luck By Chance illustrates that to us very clearly. Success is not determined by our fortune, it is determined by how happy we are in spite of it.

I loved this film. It had incredible passion to it. The characters were so real and it is all attributed to such great acting. I was really impressed by these kids’ performances. They were all very talented even the character of Nikki played by Isha Sharvani who portrayed an actress who was supposed to be all looks and no talent. I think she had one of the toughest roles in this movie.

This film is about Bollywood actors who are trying to make it in a cut throat business. Funny, if you replace just one letter in Bollywood, you could have had the same movie based out of LA. I do not have much experience with Bollywood movies. The only other one I have seen was Slumdog Millionaire, however, I do not even think that was a real Bollywood movie. I did find the dialog a little difficult to follow at first only because they kept code switching between Hindi and English. However, in my opinion this added to the realism of the movie and it made it quite interesting to watch. I have only ever seen code switching before with Spanish-American movies, never with any other language, it was quite remarkable.

The sets were beautiful, the actors were awesome, the script was incredible, this movie, well it left me speechless. Our movies have influenced the world in so many ways. I think the entire world knows about our movies and everyone has been a big fan of them for a long time. We are just starting to see something similar happening with Bollywood pictures. Are we beginning to see some competition? This is really great news for us movie goers. If we expect to see movies like this coming from Bollywood, I think we are all in for a real nice treat.

We have seen movies like this before, this was nothing new. However, there was something unique with the some of the decisions and outcome in this movie that made it totally fresh and interesting. Maybe it was that I don’t know anything about the Indian lifestyle. Watching this movie you get to see their daily lives. We have this image of India being a third world country, with poverty and crime. I never quite believed that. I’m sure they have their poverty, I am sure they have their crime, who does not? I didn’t see that in this movie, I saw a beautiful country with a really cool culture not all that dissimilar to ours.

If you are not into the foreign film scene, you might not appreciate this one. It is dialog driven so there is a lot of reading. If you’re looking into watching a Bollywood movie for the first time, or if you just want to see a good foreign film some time, this is a great choice. It was very entertaining and I’m glad that is was in my list.

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