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Pheobe In Wonderland Review

Phoebe In Wonderland features one of the best performance of the year. Elle Fanning was incredible in this role.

Phoebe In Wonderland features one of the best performance of the year. Elle Fanning was incredible in this role.

I really liked this movie. This is the first time I see Elle Fanning play a leading role and boy did she nail it. I’ve been really impressed with those Fanning sisters. I see a nice future for both of them. She really brought that character to life, everyone else in the movie did just okay. I’m not sure if the acting just okay or if she just did so good that everyone else paled by comparison. In either case, Elle was fantastic and she stole the performance.

Elle played a young girl called Phoebe Lichten. A cute little girl with two very unfortunate conditions. Phoebe has both OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome. She did such an impressive job that at times it was very difficult to watch her struggle as she tried to avoid doing or saying certain things.

As Phoebe lived with her condition, which for some reason the teachers at her school thought she was just misbehaving and her mother thought that doctors are too quick to medicate children. A fact that I happen to agree with, however in this case I thought she could have used the help. It is always heart breaking to watch a child in hysterics especially when they don’t understand what is happening to them, but in this movie Elle took that to a different level. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s nominated for something for her performance in this movie.

There was another wonderful performance in this film. The role of theater teacher, Mrs. Dodge played wonderfully by Patricia Clarkson was quite the surprising role. She played a teacher who deeply believes in her subject and taught it very well. She was a person to look up to and admire and she was the driving force to relieving Phoebes’ condition, if at least for a few hours of the day.

The movie tries to show you a relationship between Phoebe and her mother as the primary focus of the story, however, I didn’t see that, instead I saw a story between Phoebe and Mrs. Dodge. It is through Dodge that she eventually finds peace and learns to live with her condition, not through her Mother.
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