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Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans Review

The Underworld series should have never risen in the first place. This third installment is great example of a bad movie in a bad series.

The Underworld series should have never risen in the first place. This third installment is great example of a bad movie in a bad series.

The first movie barely piqued anyone’s interests so did they need to make a second or a third for that matter a third? The latest installment of the Underworld series makes me wonder what they were thinking when they produced this movie. I’m going to be very honest, I don’t like these movies. They are boring, the “Shakespearian” style dialog is insulting (to me and to Shakespeare), the acting is equivalent to that of a really low budget movie and the story just goes nowhere.

So why does anyone watch these movies? Good question, the only thing this series has going for itself is Kate Beckinsale’s character Selene who is the only character that is actually “developed” in this movie. Kate is great in this role. There is a certain allure to her that brings this character to life and the fact that she’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

Selene reminds me a lot of Trinity from the Matrix series. She’s a hot, hard ass, tight leather outfit wearing, gun wielding, Lycan killing machine. There is something very sexy about that which attracts men and women to see these films. However after all that, most men start to see the movie for what it really is, a big waste of time. As great as Kate is in this role, she can’t save the bad story no matter how great or sexy she is.

With that said, in Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans they decided to go in a different direction. They skipped the character of Selene all together, instead they introduced the boring daugther of Viktor. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why they did that. In fact they even went out of their way to make her look like Selene, but failed misserably. It wasn’t even that Kate didn’t’ want to do the movie, because she did. I just think they didn’t want to spend the money on her. This movie is barely watchable with Kate, without Kate it is messy pointless, horrendous dribble.

I like to try to find something good in a film. I feel like I should do that to be fair, but I am not having much luck with this one. If any good can come out of this film is that it can be used as a model of what not to do whem making a movie. If you have a formula that is barely working, don’t fix it by dropping the only asset to the formula.

If you’re a fan of the series and I can’t imagine why, I guess it would be interesting to see how it all got started for the Lycans. But let me tell you, it’s nothing to write home about. There’s nothing really new in this movie, even the graphics were horrible, at times it seemed like I was watching a bad Tim Burton stop annimation movie. There was one brief moment right at the end of the movie that tied everything together, but it was really brief and not very memorable.

The way I look at this, from a financial point of view, when they made the first movie they made a decent profit. So to cash in they made a second, but the second movie didn’t do as well. The third movie they just threw out there without a care just to make up for the “loss” of the second. They know that there’s a cult following out there and they took advantage of that.

Unless you’re a hard-core fan of these series, skip this movie entirely. There is absolutely no reason to watch this film. Even if you’re into vampires and warewolves, this movies is brings nothing of entertainment. It even mocks the genre if you ask me. Also without Kate, it’s even worse.

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  1. December 3, 2010 at 7:09 am

    Rise Of The Lycans do have some great fighting scene between the werewolves and the vampires, it is a nice movie “*”

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