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Notorious Review

Notorious is a great true story about one of our time's best rappers. Wonderful performances, and a great story.

Notorious is a great true story about one the best rappers of our time. Wonderful performances, and a great story.

Notorious was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve seen movies like these before only to be terribly disappointed. I’ve always been curious about the drama between B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. I’ve always thought the feud between East and West rap was an invention of the media to sell magazines. The movie doesn’t really make that clear. But it did hit to some other possibility.

The movie doesn’t really place blame on anyone and I really like that they didn’t. It was after all the story of Biggie Smalls, not of the murders. If you are anywhere interested in the life of this young American rapper, you will find this movie very entertaining and informative. Though, come to think of it, even if you’re not a fan of the genre this isn’t a movie about rap or rappers. This is a movie about the struggle of an American artist as he goes though some very difficult turmoil in his life to accomplish his dream, a real American dream, but an American dream gone wrong.

The movie was very dramatic, but not once did it feel cheesy. There were times it almost crossed over to the cheesy side, however, it did not. This is in part because of the writing in this film was done beautifully. The screen writers of this movie Reggie Rock Bythewood and Cheo Hodari Coker did an absolute awesome job with it. It brought back some wonderful and painful memories of the time.

Yet another reason this movie worked so well was the incredible cast rounded up to film this, especially the part of B.I.G. played by rapper Jamal Woolard. Jamal’s performance was uncanny. He caught the personality and Biggie’s style of rap flawlessly. His performance is worthy of an Oscar. If I may, Jamal’s performance was better than Jamie Foxx’s was in Ray, hands down. I must also say that it was very cool to see the beginnings of such stars like Lil’ Kim, Sean Combs and all of those artists. Nice movie.

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