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Cherry Blossom Review

Cherry Blossoms is a wonderful and unique, genuine love story.

Cherry Blossoms is a wonderful and unique, genuine love story.

There are times in a relationship when you start to look at your relationship with your spouse and wonder if there is more you can do to connect with that person before you or he or she pass on. You think to yourself and hope that you have done everything possible to show the one you love that you in fact love them and it’s not just words coming out of your mouth. If your loved one were to die right now, would you feel at peace with yourself knowing that he or she died happy and lived a happy fulfilling life?

I think we all go through that, no matter what age we are, especially those of us who truly love our spouses. Saying the words just isn’t enough. Anyone can say the three little words. Showing your love is a lot more difficult. It requires work and most of us don’t have much time these days with our busy lives.

We love our spouses, we’d do anything for them and I mean anything. Except make time to really be with each other and share one another’s love. Why do we do that? Is it because we don’t know how or is it because we’re just a little selfish and we don’t want to give up the little time we have for ourselves? I don’t know the answer to that. Does anyone?

Cherry Blossoms is about this very concept. An older couple who truly loves each other, but when tragedy suddenly strikes, they try to make time for themselves a little too late. However, is it ever too late, I don’t know the answer to that either. What I do know is that this movie was very sweet, very emotional and it was a mirror to so many of us. Cherry Blossoms is a wonderful story, very unique and real. It deals with an extremely emotional subject one that should’ve made the movie look more like a tragedy, but in the end it makes for a very romantic and happy story.

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