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Two Lovers Review

Two Lovers is not a nice movie, but it is a great movie!

Two Lovers is not a nice movie, but it is a great movie!

Two lovers is not a romantic movie, it is not a comedy, and it is not even about characters that you will like. It is a serious drama with some very disturbed individuals with severe emotional issues.

This is not a happy story in any way, watching it is quite excruciating. The truth is this movie is about everyday people with self esteem problems for whatever the reason. The movie is about a type of person that has someone in his/her life that would love him/her unconditionally, but still that person is not happy and they want someone else. They want someone they cannot have.

Leonard Kraditor played very well by Joaquin Phoenix is a spineless weasel that would rather pack up his stuff and leave his whole life behind than to face his employer to quit his job. Michelle Rausch played stupendously by Gwyneth Paltrow plays a similar character that is hooked on drugs and dating a married man in hopes that he would leave his family to be with her. These are some of the most selfish characters I have ever seen on film. They are the type of character that you learn to hate, but also cannot help but feel sorry for them at the same time. They are not necessarily bad people, which is why it is easy to sympathize with them.

The plot of the movie shows that Leonard is hopelessly in-love with Michelle even with all her faults. Though, is he really in-love with her or does he just want her cause she’s hot? Meanwhile, Michelle, although she likes Leonard, she really wants this other guy who is married, probably because he’s got money. I don’t know, between everyone in this film, there is this very complicated array of seriously disturbed relationships that make for really good drama. This isn’t your run of the mill love triangle, it is a very well thought out story that delivers unequivocally.

Although slow at first, while they develop the characters and the story, this movie manages to turn a “little slow” into a remarkable story. This movie was unique, intelligently written and well developed, one of the best this year and one that changed such a tired genre such as the love triangle from dull and very predictable into stimulating and with ironic twists. If you want to see a different movie for a change, try this one.

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