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The Unborn Review

The Unborn should have been aborted!

The Unborn should have been aborted!

I was not really looking forward to watching this movie. I just didn’t think that I was going to like it. It’s not that I don’t like the genre, it just didn’t look like it was going to be good. However after watching the movie I realized my gut prediction was precise! This movie was just plain terrible.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch this movie, in fact it should be completely erased from all movie databases and forgotten about. The producers of this film should send out a check and an apology letter to anyone who actually paid money to see this film for wasting their time and money.

I am not a big fan of horror movies, not because of the topic, but because horror movies, at least in the United States are most of the time a venue to watch young hotties undress, have sex and be stupid. They are also a way to get kids money because they know that kids like to take their girlfriends to see these type of movies because the girl always gets “scared” and they cuddle up to the guy. Shameless! So no, horror movies are not my favorite.

I remember a time when horror movies used to be cool, they were scary and you left the theater frightened and any sound you heard in the middle of the night gave you chills and brought images back into your head of what you just saw. Those days are long gone and it is a real shame, because fear is a great emotion to play with. Today’s horror movies don’t play with your fear they insult it. They use loud noise to startle you at the right moment or they do one or more of the old tired visuals they always pull off in these types of films, like fog or the constant screaming or some weird upside-down head dog. I have no use for it.

To this films credit there was no nudity and the sex was kept to a bare minimum. Kudos on that, however, those of you who like this genre for that sort of thing, you’re going to be very disappointed! So after they turned the horror flick into an embarrassment of sexual deviancy, now they are taking that away from those who enjoy that sort of thing and what is left? A jumble mess of incoherent writing, acting and fake blood.

I supposed I should try to find something good to say about this movie. If I must say anything positive, it would have to be that this film had potential, but they totally ruined it for what ever the reason. Towards the end of this movie there were about 5-10 minutes of great acting by Gary Oldman and Idris Elba, around this time I thought the movie was about to pick up. It had a glimpse of entertainment and for a few minutes I almost forgot I was watching a horrible movie. Then the movie continued, they should’ve ended it there on a high note. About the best part of this movie is that it actually ended. Over was the feelings of hell that was starting to consume my flesh, this wasn’t intentional of the film producers, but a mere side effect of watching this dumb ass film.

Another positive of this film, I actually enjoyed writing about just how bad this movie was. Skip This Film!

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