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Killshot Review

Killshot is one of those great movies that was never given any real shot to shine.

Killshot is one of those great movies that was never given any real shot to shine.

If you have never heard of this movie is probably because it actually never came out in theaters around here. It was supposed to, it was scheduled to be released, but I guess they had a change of heart. Wikipedia says that it was both released as a limited release in theaters in January and also that it was a straight to DVD job. I don’t know which is true in this case.

IMDB says that it was released for a few weeks in the Arizona market to see how it would do. I guess it didn’t do very well. In either case, the movie was in my watch list so I gave it a “shot”. Pun intended.

The film is pretty decent, I don’t know what was the beef that the people in Arizona had with this flick. I thought the movie was pretty hard ass. Mickey Rourke was damn good. He actually scared me a few times. The film was like Pulp Fiction meets Enemy of the State. The movie featured some really nice action and some very hit jobs. It wasn’t your average thriller. I never knew what this Armand character was going to do next.

The film was pretty raw, it reminded me a lot of Payback, except without Mel Gibson. However, it had similar characters. I guess Hollywood didn’t like it cause it didn’t have enough explosions or car chases or nudity. I really liked this movie and after seeing Rourke in The Wrestler and now this movie, I’m having yearns to watch some of his older stuff.

The movie does moves very quickly though. So sometimes it is a little hard to follow, however other than that it had great performances and a decent script. A well rounded film. Well worth seeing.

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