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Inkheart Review

Inkheart a dry movie with no pulse!

Inkheart a dry movie with no pulse!

Inkheart is based on a children’s book much like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia are. However, unlike these great stories, Inkheart fell short by about a mile. Inkheart is supposed to be a really popular kid’s story. I believe that it has been translated into dozens of different languages all over the world and children love it much like the Harry Potter and Narnia books. This is ironic to me since the whole premise of the story is that reading is bad, but I digress!

In the past I have enjoyed the Harry Potter and Narnia movies. In fact I am looking forward to the last Harry Potter and the next Narnia. They are great films, entertaining with great stories, great special effects and awesome characters. These movies are kids stories, they feel like kids stories, they move like kids stories, they think like kids stories, but they do not take away from them being entertaining to both children and adults. Inkheart doesn’t look, act or feel like a kids story the only reason I knew it was, is because I knew it was based on a kids book. That’s a real shame.

I hope that the books aren’t as boring as I thought this movie was. I was very intrigued by the plot and I really thought this was going to be a movie I would enjoy, but it wasn’t. This had the makings of a great film right from the very beginning. The plot was interesting, the actors were good, and the effects were decent. It was the story in the end that did nothing for me. I was bored throughout the entire movie and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I’m really disappointed in this film.

So what’s good about the film? Not much really. Although it featured a really nice cast, I didn’t think that they meshed well together. Maybe it was the poorly written dialog, or maybe the actors didn’t like each other. Whatever it was, I never believed any friendship or any relationship between the actors. The movie also had some very cool special effects. There were some that were really impressive, stuff I’ve never seen before done, but it was too late, it was like a good icing on a very dry cake.

I can’t recommend this movie to anyone, not even to its target audience, children. Why, because the whole idea of the story is that when you read out loud, bad things can happen. I think in general, it’s a good idea for an adult theme, but in reality I think it’s a little irresponsible for a children story. But that’s just me. Also the idea of bringing characters to life from a book is supposed to be a rare gift in the story, but amazingly three people in the story had this gift. Not so rare if you ask me. You can skip this movie and for god sakes, keep the kids away from it.

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