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Not Easily Broken Review

Not_Easily_Broken_6_800x531I am not a religious person. Therefore, it may be difficult for me to be partial when reviewing this film since this picture is categorized as a Religious and Spiritual Drama. What I can do is judge this movie for what it’s worth and that is this; this is a decent film with top notch acting and a good main story line.

I should point out that this story was written by a pastor of an evangelical church, hence the Spiritual and Religious genre. However, to be very honest, other than a few church advices on marriage, the movie wasn’t preachy at all. They were big proponents of prayer though. Throughout the movie prayer was encouraged to be the answer to all your problems. However, I don’t know if this was the intention of the author, but it seemed to me that he was trying to tell something to “his flock”. I think he was trying to tell them that, yes, you should pray, but do take action and do something about your problem. Ask for guidance, not a solution.

No problem was solved by prayer alone in this film. It was only when they decided to work on the problem that things got better for the couple. I liked this message and that is something I can get behind. So I either got the wrong message, or the pastor that wrote this story is very progressive.

However, even as progressive as I thought his message was and as great as I thought the main story was, the rest of the movie wasn’t very impressive. The sub plots of the movie could have just as easily been picked right out. It was as if they wrote all of that stuff at the last minute just to fill out the rest of the movie. While the main story is strong, the sub plots fell short and so did the supporting actors and characters.

In either case, this isn’t a bad film. There were a lot of good points to this movie. The acting was done beautifully. I also liked watching a movie about a black family that wasn’t about your stereotypical crap. There are several lessons to be learned with this film. Not a perfect film, but not too bad either.

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