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Hotel For Dogs Review

This is a great kid’s movie. However unlike other kids movies that I’ve seen in the past this was entertaining for both the kids and the adults. It was really cool to see all of the different breeds of dogs getting into so much trouble. They were very well trained and I often wondered how on Earth they got all of those dogs to sit patiently on a huge dining room table while they waited for their food to arrive. The work that must’ve been done on this film must’ve been outrageous.

A bit about the film, the dogs were a sight to see. There were some great laugh-out-loud moments and some of the situations that the dogs would get into were just too funny for words and oh so adorable. They were really cute and I loved that they just didn’t stick with your run of the mill pure breeds. They featured some mutts as well as some pure breeds, it was a nice mix. I loved that I saw a couple of pit-bulls in the movie. It is always nice to see pit-bulls portrayed as normal dogs like they really are instead of giant killers as they are portrayed by the media.

And then there were the Rube Goldberg machines that were created in the film. Jake Austin played Bruce the main kid in the movie and a very clever little boy who had the knack to create automated machines. He used this skill to design and build several key components for the hotel that would aid the children take care of the dogs. Like for instance a feeding machine that would rig up bowls for dozens of dogs and place the right amount of food in each one and then ring a bell to let the dogs know it was time for dinner. Or all of the different activities/rides for the dog’s entertainment that seemed to run like an amusement park more so than a Hotel. I just thought it was a nice touch.

As improbable as all this is, I didn’t watch this movie to see realism. I watched it to see dogs misbehave and be cute. Along with that, I also got to see some pretty interesting acting by Jake Austin and as always a real pleasure to watch a former cast member of Friends playing a real bitch!

If you’re expecting a run of the mill story here, don’t. There is no real villain in the movie. I like that they decided to get away from that cookie cutter format that has been done to death. I also liked that the kids weren’t turned into whiny snobs. The kids were smart and willing to do the work. I liked that a lot about this movie. I thought it was a great example for children. If I could give it 3.5 I would, but I guess 3 will have to do for now.

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